BE-AR rail system

The BE-AR rail system (a partnership between BErende Spoor- en Grondwerken and Van ARkel of Nijhuis Engineering) is a patented rail-wheel guidance system without complicated or maintenance-intensive systems.

The hi-rail excavator used as an all-round machine.
Hi-rail excavators are often used on railroad construction sites for many different tasks and must comply with the EN15746 standard for safety and compatibility.
We have developed a more practical, versatile and safer system that allows higher loads while still adhering to the EN15746 standard. This allows the operator to perform his tasks while driving on the rails and still maintaining stability while the system maintains enough load on the wheels to prevent derailment.

The result:

  • Improved and increased loading and carrying capacity.
  • Safer and more versatile use of the machine, therefore less risk for the contractor.
  • Easier to use for the operator, therefore a decreased risk of operator errors.
  • Fewer restrictions, simpler work planning, thus cost savings.
  • Can be fitted on different machines for railroad-construction.

 Tabel A918 zonder BE AR 4ton


 Tabel a918 met bear